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Psychology is a discipline applied in various fields such as health, education, counselling … and especially nowadays businesses are increasingly focusing on applied psychology in business from staff recruitment, staff development, leadership development, employee motivation, conflict resolution within the business to employee dismissal …

That’s why psychology is becoming an indispensable tool for all those who are working in human resource management.

This course is designed not only for HR managers but also for all management and leadership positions in businesses and organizations. Coming to the course “Applied Psychology Tools in Human Resource Management”, students will learn some of the most popular psychological tools and practical applications in recruiting, training and employee development, counselling for conflict resolution between employees and especially in building career paths for your potential staff. This course will help you become a chief more “psychological”.


1. Take a look at popular psychological tools nowadays. The necessary notes when using psychological tools. Some key features of the following psychological tools:

2. Practical experience with Psycho-Geometrics or MBTI (depending on the actual situation of the trainees) and application of psychological tools to:

3. Introduce the “Emotional Intelligence” tool and especially provide appropriate questions to select employees with high emotional intelligence (EQ).

4. Introduce the “Identification of Personal Values” tool to: