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Why can some people easily overcome challenge and adversity and be even more firmly?

On the other hand, why do people never stop complaining about difficulties or adversities, give up and fall down quickly?

What makes this difference?

Many surveys have shown that people with “resilience” will face challenge or adversity in a more flexible and enduring way, they also stand up stronger and more stable. Particularly, the surveys also show that the employees in a high-resilient organization will be more productive, healthier, more enduring, and more committed to work … That’s why nowadays the corporations focus on this competence when recruiting, as well as staff development. Highly-resilient people are taking priority in corporations. Every individual needs this competence to face the challenges not only in the work but also in today’s rapidly changing and pressured life.

Is “resilience” of each person an innate ability? Although we find that some people tend to have a higher “resilience” than other people and their competence is expressed very early and seems “innate”, but the good news is that we are all possible to learn and practice this ability, which means that we can completely become a high resilient person if we are determined to practice.

The workshop “Resilience – the key to help you overcome adversity” will help you better understand the concept of “Resilience” and give you some “tips” so you can learn and practice every day to build your resilience more and more higher.

  1. What is “Resilience”?
  2. What reinforces your “resilience” and what erodes your “resilience “?
  3. The key factors for building high resilience
  4. Some tips to help you workout every day to build your resilience more and more higher so you can face and overcome difficulties, challenges and adversities more smoothy.