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The most loving message for your relatives!

You can not love others unless you love yourself first: how can you give away what you don’t have?

Swami Prem Priyadha

Sometimes in friend reunion, we can easily see some seedy, fatigue, lifeless faces. It is easy to find out that some of our friends are down or looking older. When asked, we also often hear: “I now also feel bored with myself, I have downward sloping “without brakes”… I have to take care not only of my husband and my children but also of the families of both sides. In addition there is extra pressure from the boss that caused me spinning from morning to night, and now no time for myself … ”

This situation is becoming more and more common as all of us are faced with a lot of pressure from work and life, we always have to hurry and gain time. We (especially women) often sacrifice ourselves, we put our needs and health last to take care of our family and our work in the best way. There comes a time that we begin to suffer the consequences of not taking care of ourselves and the result are varied: serious health problems, mental breakdowns, bad decisions due to lack of clear mind, irritability and hurt with relatives …

“Take care of yourself – The most loving message for your relatives!” workshop will help you better understand your self care and apply some practical methods so that you can: