To become a Trainer (Train the Trainer to Train)

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] The field of training is constantly evolving and there are many significant changes … More and more new discoveries lead to new training methods. The development of information technology has forced the training field to change the method to meet the requirements and expectations of individuals and companies in the training and […]

Applied psychology in human resource management

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] Psychology is a discipline applied in various fields such as health, education, counselling … and especially nowadays businesses are increasingly focusing on applied psychology in business from staff recruitment, staff development, leadership development, employee motivation, conflict resolution within the business to employee dismissal … That’s why psychology is becoming an indispensable tool […]

Leverage change to succeed

Any change will force us to face many difficulties and challenges but if you look positively, you will see that there are many opportunities waiting for us

Excellent customer service

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] For any business, the customer is always the most important factor because “when there are no customers, no business”. Especially in the current economic context, customer service needs more attention. The more you attract customers, meet their needs and expectations, “retain” them; the more you can easily overcome the crisis period. TRAINING […]

Enhancing your emotional intelligence

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] In life, you may have seen people that are very delicate and competent in communication. In every situations, they seem to always behave cleverly to do not let us feel offended or annoyed. Even if when we did not find solutions to our problems, they also make us feel optimistic and have […]

Effective time management

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] Time is the “capital” that you invest to “buy” what you desire in life. Time management is an important factor to achieve work/life balance. The way you use your time will determine your success. Time management is just self-management. This course will help you approach a new model of time management. From […]

Manage your staff effectively

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] A good professional people may not work effectively in management positions. A good manager should have some necessary skills such as: lead and motivate employees, train/coach employee, resolve conflicts, delegate, communicate effectively, review performance of staff, build team … The course will provide basic skills to those who have been or are […]

Problem solving and decision making

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] Problem solving and decision making are the skills necessary in work and everyday life. Problem solving is always associated with decision making, and decision making skill is very essential for leaders. Any leader always desires to achieve excellence in making best decisions, in optimal problem solving and having innovative ideas necessary to […]